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Author Topic: Kangoku Gakuen  (Read 239 times)
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« on: Aug 05, 13, 12:22:35 am »

cheeeesuu have you guys read it?

Kangoku Gakuen aka. Prison School sound familiar emm what nope how about have you hear series that called "Prison Break". well compare with Prison Break this Kangoku Gakuen a little different. In Prison Break they find a way how to escape from prison, but in Kangoku Gakuen they must find a way how they can still remain in school for enjoying summer festival. All about making strategy XD

At first i don't really like it all, what this story all about pathetic man that can't start conversation with a girl. But after i read whole 2 volume this manga not bad at all this manga far far best i could say. lol i spend whole night for reading all volume.

Romance, emm not to much you could say kinda dull 
Ecchi, emm how to put into the words, rather called it ecchi i'd like to say borderline to hentai. Nipple present, to bad the creator censoring that thing p*ss*(hanging lace trimmed panty in door knob)
Comedy, not to much but when goes to comedy it really hit my stomach.
Chara Design, drawing style really good and perfectly detail. Every girl damn hot, somehow you couldn't hate the girl who punish you.
Overall i will give 9/10
so what is your opinion about this manga, i'd like to know
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