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Author Topic: Sakamichi no Apollon  (Read 259 times)
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Posts beyond the Original Post (OP) may contain spoilers If you haven't already
read/heard of this series you can do so by clicking the Title links below.

So, if you haven't already found out about it, or at least know of it's Anime adaption recently for the Spring season that started back in April.

This thread is meant for the discussion on the manga series Sakamichi no Apollon.

In addition, just the other day [6.21.2012] volume 9 was uploaded here to Mangatraders and that
basically marks the end of the scanlation except for the bonus side-story volume coming
out this autumn.

Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) is an excellent work by KODAMA Yuki, that is more than just
the ordinary slice of life story. It's about experiencing fleeting youth, opening up to new people & experiences,
pushing through the difficulties in life that may come, and ultimately learning to accept who you were, are, and
 want to be.

Immediately after reading the final volume on the main story-line I logged in to MT,
and headed for the forums to discuss the series, only to find it had not been assigned a thread yet - WHAT?!

- - - - - - - - - -

So here I am, painstakingly putting together a nice and neat little thread for this phenomenal series,
and I say "painstakingly" because I haven't been in a forum or made a the type of thread that has
guidelines to follow in quite some years, or even touch any type of coding let alone the basic BBCode
in the same amount of time. So you can imagine how many hours it took me to figure things out and
pull this all together. Plus, me being easily distracted while looking for links didn't help either. ^.^;

Anyway, I hope you all have/will enjoy the series and come here to discuss it for as long as it remains
a favorite of yours or a story you can't help but return to anytime you get a little bored or are between
series - I know I will!

Here's a few questions about the series and/or some topics within it to get the discussion going!
Pick and choose which you'd like to answer if you want.

How did you hear about Sakamichi no Apollon?
What did you think of the series as a whole?
What part(s) about the series did you like best and/or worse?
Which character(s) did you find most relatable (to yourself/people you may know, etc.)?

Who was/is your favorite character?
  • Why do/did you like that character?
  • At what point did you start/stop liking that character? Why?

What are/was your favorite plot-line(s)/character story(ies)/Arc(s)?
What are/were your favorite element(s) about the story?

How important to the story did/do you feel music was/is?
Before reading this series, did you listen to Jazz or like the genre to any degree? And after reading the series?
How do you feel/think about the role the selections of artists and songs play in the series?
  • Do they serve a more meaningful purpose than being the characters' favorites? Explain.
  • Do they relate or reflect anything about the time setting of the series?
  • Or anything the characters may be/have been going through personally?

What historical occurrences did you find interesting?
As a reader did you understand the historical events taking place or have knowledge of them before hand?
  • How do you think by adding such elements did the author make the story more/less interesting?
  • Do you feel they had negative or positive impacts on the story telling?
  • In your own opinion how much of an impact did the events really have on the characters' development?
  • Which character do you feel was affected most by the events or time setting?

In the series, we learn a lot about each character as they themselves and their relationships with one another grow.
Do you feel the same? Would you call this series a character driven story?

In addition, their upbringing and the circumstances under which they were born (for a few) have an impact on who
they are and become as the story progresses, but to what extent do you feel has these things played a role for the
characters making the choices that they did?

  • If one of these things could have been different for them, how different do you feel they would have been?
  • Would this change their outcome at the end of the story?
  • What choices do you think they might have NOT made?
  • Which choices do you think would have stayed the same but have a different purpose?

At the end of the story we/you may have felt it all came a bit in haste and abruptly, do you agree? '
  • Did you have any questions at the end of the series? List some.
  • If so, what were some questions you feel were important to the story to be answered?
  • In what way do these questions affect the story by NOT being answered?

If any of your questions could be answered, which ones would they be and how would they affect the story?
  • What would be different?
  • Which/How would the character(s) differ?

As the story neared the end some shocking things happened to a few minor characters,
which events around these characters shocked/surprised you the most?

What did you think of the ending? What were your first thoughts? Emotions?

- - - - - - - - - -

There's always room for more questions and if you feel some were a bit redundant let me know, okay?
I'll post with my answers and questions later I guess. lol This post is TOO long.

However personally I started crying like this ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・at volume 8
and settled down to this (∩`。) by the end.
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