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Last Major Modification: July 14th, 2010

The following are guidelines as well as rules that will be enforced on the forums. Please make sure you fully understand these rules before posting:

1. No spamming: This means don't post multiple consecutive posts in the same thread. There should always be either a post from a different user or 24 hours between any two posts by the same user in the same thread. If you need to make a change or addition to your post use the Modify button.

1.a Posting again after 24 hours and 1 second should only be done if new information is being presented that warrants bumping the thread.

2. No excessive or unprovoked flaming: You don't have to be robots when posting.  You are free to throw a little bit of personality or emotion into your posts if you wish, but be careful about going overboard.  Also do not bait other users into attacking you back. For example: "I'd say this, but person A might be a baby about it." Don't do this.  The line between heated discussion and flame war will be judged by the staff on a case by case basis.

3. No animated sigs or avatars: Just make sure your signature or avatar is not an animated file. These files are often distracting and disruptive and we do not allow them on the forums.  Plus, most animated sigs and avatars I've seen are more annoying than cool looking.  Also, avatar images may not be larger than 100 px wide or more than 100 px high.

4. No sig images larger than 500x125:  The max sizes for a linked signature image are 500 pixels wide and 125 pixels high.  Both of these dimension limits apply to any sig image.  The size limitation does NOT mean you may link to a 1024x256 px image and use BB Code to scale it to 500x125.  Also, only one image is allowed per sig regardless of dimensions.

5. Linking to nudity is allowed, but only in the form of textual links with a clear indication that the links' contents are of an adult nature. Also, NO hentai/porn is allowed, not even in link form.  The primary difference between acceptable nudity and unacceptable hentai/porn is the implication of sex acts.  A link to an animated character posing with some/all their clothes off is allowed.  A link to a character about to initiate, in the midst of, or having just completed some sexual act is not allowed.  The definition of sex act is at the discretion of the moderators.

6. No repeat topics: We can't stress this one enough. Help keep the forums stay uncluttered by using the search feature before posting a thread.

7. No soliciting/advertising.   Pyramid schemes, recruiting drives, or advertisements for other websites, services, or products are not allowed on the Mangatraders Forums.  There will not be one more warning for violating this rule.

8. Use of profanity: No excessive use of profanity: Part of rule #2. You can use profanity here and there but don't let it become a consistent pattern in your posts. Also, too much profanity in one single post is considered as a violation of this rule. Again, you don't have to be robots about it - but you should get the point. Nobody wants to read posts like "OMG holy fucking shit that bitch totally got fucked damn omg lol wtf go to hell and die... bitch".  The staff will judge how much is too much.

9. Honor the privacy of your fellow users.  There will be no posting of other users personal information or private conversations without their permission: Consider reading this rule as your first warning. Posting someone's real name(s), street address, phone number, picture (or pictures of their friends/family), private messages, or private chat logs will result in an immediate ban.

10. No racism: This rule isn't difficult to follow.

11. No spoiling WHATSOEVER.  For manga, only discuss up to the current English translated release.  For anime, only discuss up to the latest English fansub release.  There should be no manga discussion in the anime section.  Be mindful of other people reading your post, try to introduce what you're about to discuss if it contains sensitive information.  Sigs and avatars are not exempt from this rule however some leeway may be given depending on the situation.

12. No posting of malicious links: Links that can damage or harm your computer or links to websites that are designed to annoy people are not allowed.

13. No posting of programs for any malicious activity: Asking or sharing of the mentioned is not allowed here.

14. No worthless or low content posts: For example, "hi", "lol", "hahah", "too long, didn't read" "owned", or anything that has no real contribution to the thread are not necessary and agaisnt the rules. If you don't have anything significant to say or if you're not gonna follow the rules of the thread, don't post.

15. Try to stay on topic.  If a thread is about shoes, don't go off on a tangent about manga because characters manga often wear shoes, stick to shoes.  If one user goes off topic and people respond to their off topic post with more off topic posts all said people may be subject to the same punishment as the original off topic poster.  Staff members may on occasion make posts in a thread warning users that their behavior in the thread is getting out of hand, these posts are the only sanctioned off-topic posts but they are not to be discussed or replied to as if they were on topic.    Note: Off topic comments prefaced with an 'OT' or 'Off-Topic' or placed in in spoiler tags are just as wrong as off topic comments stated normally. 

16. Do not remove moderator edits from your posts: This makes sure that you don't get warned by a different moderator who did not see the first mod-edit.

17a. Download Requests - Manga: Any and all manga related download requests should be made in the Manga Requests Thread which is a sticky thread in the Manga Discussion section.

17b. Download Requests - Non-Manga: All non manga related download request threads must be in the Other downloads forum. Threads created in other forums will be locked.

19. Do not antagonize the staff.  If you have questions or concerns you wish to raise you may do so, however aggressive or belligerent attitudes will not be tolerated.

20. Do not harass members via personal message.  Mangatraders resources shall not be used to harass, bully, or attempt to cajole community members.  Complaints can be filed with an Administrator and will be investigated to the fullest extent of our ability.  If you are caught doing this your account will be banned.

21. Above all, use common sense: Most of these rules are just regular forum etiquette. Before you do anything, think about what you're about to do for one second. You'll probably know if what you're doing is against the rules or not. Before posting, consider whether it's an improvement upon silence.

Forum Facts
The staff can, for any reason that they see fit, modify or remove your post and/or thread.  Don't pm the staff member asking why, if they are going to offer an explanation it will be done at the same time the post/thread was modified.  Chances are you either posted in the wrong place, created a stupid or bad thread, broke one of the rules, or simply made a useless post/thread that the staff deemed unnecessary.  So reflect on what you posted, and don't do it again.

Sending a PM to staff member does not mean they have to reply, in fact most questions asked in PMs have usually been answered in other parts of the forum. If you figure it's not or can't find it (assuming you used the search feature) Please PM a member of the Website Staff (for issues with the main site) or a Forum Moderator (for issues regarding the forum) and not an Administrator first.

Other Questions: If you are looking for information about something related to the site or the forum please visit the Frequently Asked Questions and look for an answer there before posting a thread in Site Support.
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