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Author Topic: Kurogane no LineBarrel (alt. Linebarrels of Iron)  (Read 594 times)
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From MT:
3 years ago Koichi was involved in a severe accident which almost claimed his life. The story told to the press concerning the accident was that a man made satellite had fallen out of orbit and caused the accident. Koichi however knows better. He has become a 'Factor.'

The story follows Koichi's quest to be an 'Ally of Justice' together with his machinae partner, Linebarrel. We meet many other main characters that become entwined in Koichi's fate, including the lovely Kizaki. We find out more about the Juda organization, which fights on behalf of the Japanese government against the evil Katou organization.


Basically it's a hybrid of Full Metal Panic and Eureka 7. (Both of which I loved.) I figured a series of the week should at least have a topic, so discuss away. Tongue

Unfortunately the 5 volumes currently on MT don't really get into the meat of the story. We're really just starting to see the good fights starting, and getting to know the characters, so it's disappointing that there aren't about 12 volumes to it yet.

I'm going to keep this shorter than my usual reviews, so sorry. Sad Just not really that enthused about this manga. It's *alright,* was worth the 1-2 hours I spent reading it, but not much more. I have hopes for it later on, because the story has great potential.

The romance is interesting, but literally every female character within 4 years of the protagonist acts like they have feelings towards him. (Within 2 chapters of meeting him in every case.) They are pushing Kizaki, which is kinda like Love Hina in that it's the girl that likes him but won't admit it (well besides that ninja dojo girl in Love Hina, I forgot about her). I like Kazaki as a character though, so it's not terribly bad. I was a little disappointed that the childhood friend was tossed aside so quickly, and just degenerated into a quick laugh in random chapters character.

I have 2 major problems with the action in this anime. If you loved "The Dark Knight," you'll only have 1 problem. First one, the characters talk through their fights a LOT. "Hmmm, wow what a powerful gun, I'd better dodge it. I'll need to focus on his movements though, because he's really fast moving too! Ah I'm hit! My self regeneration will take care of something as weak as this though." (Reminds me of the one episode of Naruto I ever saw. And DBZ. I think it's a tactic mangaka use when they're writing shounen, which is directed towards young teens or preteens, who would need the guiding steps it takes.) I would far prefer it if they would just draw better and leave some of the interpretation of tactics to us the readers.

Oh, problem 1 and a half. the fight scenes are EXTREMELY chaotic. I can't tell which gundam is which when they're close or zoomed in on. It becomes a good thing they tell you everything that happens in speech bubbles, because otherwise I wouldn't know who won until probably the next chapter.

Problem 2. "The Dark Knight" Syndrome. The bad guys are about 1000000x smarter than the good guys. All the good guys do is continually fall into trap after trap after plan of the bad guys, and just get out of it by brute force. And even when they do that, it's suddenly according to the bad guys' plans, because they wanted to disable/draw away/monitor the good guys. They really do seem pathetic to me, I can understand why the main evil dudes just stand around laughing at all the good guys because they never do anything right.
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