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Author Topic: MT Helper Test & Information  (Read 28242 times)
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« on: Apr 17, 08, 12:39:35 pm »

This post contains information about MT Helper's test and a basic overview of what a helper is supposed to do or what repacking files is all about.  The original post has been modified various times to update/add info. The test remains open to all unless we state otherwise in this post/thread.

We are always on the lookout for able minded and eager volunteers to help the staff out with the repacking of files (volumes mostly) to keep the archives in good condition.  Please do not apply unless you are comfortable being given a specific assignment with specific instructions on how to carry it out and performing the assignment as you were instructed. The job is/can be demanding but we will explain as many tips and tricks as we can to make it easier on people. 

Also be aware that there is a lot more to what helpers have to do than just renaming the pages nicely. The most trying of them being finding accurate chapter to volume info as it is not always easily available and can sometimes take up hours to do a single repack due to having to search out this information. We will provide you all of the sources we are aware of and with them you will be able to find what you need in most cases.

Personal Issues
  • You can't follow directions well.
  • You can't spend 20-40 min on a project without giving up.
  • You can't/don't want to learn new things.
  • You can accept doing a mediocre job if it means you don't have to work harder.
  • You are not able to speak and understand decent English (to avoid communication issues).
  • You love manga/mangatraders/something but know very little about using computers.
  • You expect anything other than a 'Thanks For The Help' in return for your services.
Technical Issues
  • You can't install any programs on your computer for any reason.
  • You have a generally slow internet connection (No dial-up users)!
  • You don't trust us not to get your computer infected with viruses

Uploading Rules and Guidelines
Repacking Guide

Repacking Guidelines:
There are many files on Mangatraders that for one reason or another are not up to our standards.  Generally this includes old files that were uploaded before the time of uploading rules and newer files that were uploaded as individual chapters but now need to be replaced as full volumes.  In both cases the uploaded files should not just fix the initial problem that led us to the files but should be the best files they can be for the sake of those who might download them in the future.

Here are the basic guidelines you will be expected to follow when repacking.
General Info
  • Make sure you are getting the info for volume packs as to which chapters go in a volume from reliable sources.  Raws are the most reliable source (more detail on this is provided to helpers).  Raws can often be found at Rawscans and various other sources, the list of which we will provide to you, and often the raws will have table of contents pages which you can consult to figure out which chapters go in a volume.Do not blindly trust the scanlators unless they used the raw volumes and have accurate page numbers.
  • All titles should be in title case, if you don't know what that is you probably shouldn't even be bothering.
  • Each archive should be checked and its files and folders named so that everything is in proper numerical order when sorted by name inside the archive.
Manga Pages
  • Page files should be named in the form 'Series Title vXX cYY - ###.ext' (where "ext" is the extension - png, jpg, etc).  Note that if there are no clear chapter delineations, 'Series Title vXX - ###.ext' is acceptable.
  • Credits and special pages should be named so that they are out of the way.  'Series Title vXX cYY - credits.ext' or Series Title vXX cYY - 00a.ext' are the best ways. Do not remove credits pages. If there is more than one copy of identical special pages (ads, recruit, birthday etc.) it is acceptable to delete all but one of them.
  • Be aware of leading zeroes.  The simple rule is all page numbers should have the same number of digits.  More explicitly, if the pages of each chapter were numbered by volume (1-199) then pages 0-9 need two leading zeros and pages 10-99 need 1 leading zero.  If pages of each chapter are numbered by chapter (1-25) then pages 0-9 need 1 leading zero.  Don't bother trying to rename pages numbered based on chapter to be numbered based on volume as this is often inaccurate.
  • Chapter folders should be named in the form: 'Series Title vXX cYY [Scangroup]' (scan group is optional but if you know it then include it).
  • Chapters should be numbered relative to the start of the series, not the start of the volume.  If you don't know and can't easily find out it's alright to label them relative to the volume but if it's easy to tell you should be doing it.
  • Don't zip several loose chapter folders, put all chapter folders into one volume folder named 'Series Title vXX cYY-ZZ [Scangroup]' and zip that. If you are doing an uberpack then put all the pages in a volume folder named 'Series Title vXX cYY-ZZ [Scangroup]' and zip that.
The Archives
  • Zip the files don't rar them, rars are not as user friendly and the point of this exercise is user friendliness.
  • Make sure you have thumbnail caching off so you don't create thumbs.db files in your packs!
    • If you have Windows XP do this:
        - Open up my computer
        - Find the Menu Bar option 'Tools' near the top.
        - Under this option select 'Folder Options'
        - Click on the 'View' Tab
        - Check the box that says "Do not cache thumbnails"
    • If you have Vista do this:
    • Alternatively if you use WinRAR you can go to options->settings->compression, click create default, click Files and type Thumbs.db in Files to Exclude.  This may be possible with other archival software as well but I haven't researched it.
    • As we don't accept files with Macosx folders and files inside it as they can sometimes cause issue in viewers; Mac users can try to create macosx folder free archive by using either of the following programs.  Create Clean Archive (Scroll down to where it says Create Clean Archive), Zipcleaner, Clean Archiver, or Blueharvest.

    That's pretty much all the major things. More detail info/instructions are available for helpers in a separate section.

    Repacking Test
    Repacking this test file is not supposed to be easy, it combines almost all the most annoying things you might ever encounter in repacking.  There are many, many things wrong with this file, however it is possible to fix them all using PowerArchiver/WinRAR/7zip + renameIT + CKRename + ReNamer.  You should be able to figure out what the file is supposed to be based on the current file name, and the credits pages inside.  Feel free to ask any questions in here if you wish or to seek outside help if you're struggling.  Remember, this is an example of a well intentioned but bad upload.  Don't just blindly trust anything about it without giving it some scrutiny.

    Anyway without further ado.

    Repacking Test File

    Submitting Your File
    To submit your file, go to the Upload page as you normally would, but type "Repacking Test (YourName)" as the Display Name and choose the Oneshot option.
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    « Reply #1 on: Apr 19, 08, 02:57:48 pm »

    If I have access to a high speed connection over the summer of course I'm willing to help.  In the meantime, though, if we encounter a file that does have embedded archives, what action should we take?  Fix it, report it?  Just this morning I found Eyeshield 21 volume 2 is such a file.
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    « Reply #2 on: Apr 19, 08, 03:36:06 pm »

    Just report it. Using the Report System would be the easiest way to reporting it.

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    « Reply #3 on: Apr 19, 08, 03:53:29 pm »

    There's no real reason not to fix it as well, but it's preferred that if you do fix it you go the extra mile of doing a good job of it.  At the bare minimum, you should make sure everything is in order by chapter and very importat, if you do fix something make sure you explain why you're reuploading it in the Comments to Staff box.

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    « Reply #4 on: Apr 19, 08, 03:57:29 pm »

    I am willing to help.
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    « Reply #5 on: Apr 19, 08, 08:50:47 pm »

    I do not mind helping out and of course I fit all the criteria you are looking for.

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    « Reply #6 on: Apr 22, 08, 03:41:11 pm »

    Okay!  I always make at least one mistake the first time I try something, but...  I downloaded, repacked, and uploaded Eyeshield 21 volume 2, and apparently I did it correctly.  Well, except that I forgot to mention it was a repack (has since been taken care of).  Which, I guess, was my mandatory screwup.  So if I am on highspeed this summer (and I should be) go ahead and sign me up.  In fact, go ahead and put the rest of ES21 on my list because a number of the volumes are going to need it.
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    « Reply #7 on: Apr 22, 08, 05:01:19 pm »

    I supposed it's easier to just address people here instead of trying to hunt you all down individually.

    I'll start with you Gonnel, if you're going to uberpack you should be renaming the files so they include their volume and chapter numbers in their file names not taking all that information out.  The file you uploaded was only borderline acceptable if you want to help out in this enterprise making packs that are 'acceptable' is not going to cut it.  There are acceptable packs and then there is good packs.

    I'll use Gonnels situation as an example of what I mean.  Gonnel faced was a zip that contained a folder named 'Eyeshield_21_vol_02'
    That folder contained zip files named 'Eyeshield21_v02_c008_[A-M_&_MangaCity].zip'  from 008-016.

    Inside each zip files were pages named in several variations from 'es21-016-01' to es21 v02 c012 pg101.png with some having more information in them.

    What Gonnel did was to rename every single page to es21-### and number the pages from 000-175. (I'm assuming in proper chapter order)

    Is this within the rules?  Yes.

    Is it what I would have done?  No.

    Should this be considered a 'good' pack? No.

    The reason is because removing the chapter identifications means a reader will have to work harder to jump immediately to chapter 14 in order to look up a random comment so that he/she can settle an argument on a forum.  When the chapter information is available on every file in a volume it is easy to pick up right at the chapter you left of with, and chapter numbers are easier to remember than page numbers.  I see no reason to ever remove this information if it is fully available, as doing so only decreases the flexibility of the volume.

    The key principle behind all of the repacks I endorse is this:  Flexibility.

    Whether someone wants to read a single chapter or an entire volume, using cDisplay or just Windows Pisture and Fax viewer I want packed files to make it possible for them to quickly and easily find what they want via smart file naming and folder usage.

    What I would have done in Gonnels shoes is this:

    First each chapter zip would have been extracted to its own folder with the name of the zip file as the name of the folder.  The zip files had excellent names so this would have been fine.

    Then I would examine the pages in each folder looking for patterns.  Doing so would have shown that every filename had es21 in place of Eyeshield 21 and every file included a chapters number in some form.  Additionally, most of the pages did not include the volume that they came from, however some did.

    Looking at the files for myself I believe that the program renameIt would have worked quite well for this project but ckRename would have been necessary for touchup work.  Because each file indicates what chapter it belongs to and all the files share the common beginning of es21 I would first create a filter to replace es21 with Eyeshield 21 v02. 

    Then using the preview pane renameIt provides I would have created additional filters as needed until the final outcome was that every file looked like this 'Eyeshield 21 v02 cXX - ###' this would be expedited by the use of regular expressions to take advantage of situations where the filenames of more than one chapters files are identical other than the chapter number itself.

    Example: to rename both es21_10_pg### and es21_13_pg###  pages to fit the standard template I would find this regular expression: es21_([0-9]{2})_pg

    It would match everything up to the ### and in both and it would store the proper chapter number in the tag \1

    Then I would replace with: Eyeshield 21 v02 c\1 -

    This would put the correct chapter number into the name of the correct file and leave the page numbers as they were before.

    Unfortunately some of the pages numbers are relative to the beginning of the volume and some are relative to the start of chapter they're in.  To enforce a uniform on this the sequential number adding ability of ckRename would be most helpful.  renameit also lets you add a number series, however it is much more rigid, requiring you to start at 1 and go up by ones.  ckrename allows you to start a number sequence at any number, go up by any number, and even add as many or as few leading zeros as you like.

    These are the Eyeshield 21 v02 renameit filters I used. 

    First select all the folders extracted from the zip files containing the chapter pages into renameit's window, this will tell rename it what files to look for but won't actually move them.

    NOTE: Order Matters
      >Find String<   |    >replace string<    |    regex on/off      |    comments

         >es21.<       |  >Eyeshield 21 v02 c<     |  off   | this puts Eyeshield 21 v02 c in front of every file
        >cv02 c0<     |   c<       |  off   | this fixes the files that already had a v02 in their file names and got an extra
       >c0([0-1])<    |    >c\1< |   on   | this uses a regular expression to find either c00 or c01 and turn it into c0 or c1 respectively.  Makes all the chapter numbers two digits (relies on the fact that there is no c01 or c02 in the set.

    This next one does a lot and uses some fancier stuff so I'll explain it in detail

       >c([0-9]{2}).(pg)?<    |    >c\1 - <   |   regex on 

    The c([0-9]{2}) means find anything like c00 through c99 and store the number in the first available tag ( \1 is a tag \2 is a tag etc.)

    The . means find any single character, some files have a space, others a '-' and others a '_' the dot matches any, but only one of them.

    The (pg)? means look for the letters pg next to each other, but you don't HAVE to find them (the ?)

    Note: The ( and ) around pg also puts pg into the \2 tag however I'm only using it to group the p and the g in this case so that the effect of ? will apply to pg and not just g as it would without the ( and ).

    In conclusion: The last regex looks for anything of the form 'c## followed by any character then optionally followed by the letters pg and replaces all it finds with c followed by the numbers ## found followed by a space a '-' and another space.

    Now if i were to hit rename all the files in every folder would have the form Eyeshield 21 v01 c## - original page numbers.  At this point I would have to go in to ckRename and start renaming pages to some sort of standard, either all relative to the volume or all relative to their chapters.  I'd probably go with relative to volume, but either way double pages would require manual alterations and it would be a hassle no matter what.

    This thread Goes into some more detail about renameIt and another program, ckrename, that I also use as well as providing download links.  I advise anyone who wishes to help to check them out.

    As an exercise I will post the links to the files in question so you might see for yourselves.

    The original

    Gonnel's Repack

    Later tonight I will repack the original using renameit and I will post all of the renaming filters I used.  I expect that I will be able to rename every file in the package with one click, thanks to renameit's ability to apply multiple filters and apply them in a set priority.
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    « Reply #8 on: Apr 23, 08, 06:41:29 am »

    I repacked a few files some time ago, but I guess they were only acceptable. Good thing I didn't upload all of them. I'll try to reupload any new volume I come up with while downloading, and maybe the ones I located then. I understand that the notes.txt Ariolander mentions on the repacking guide thread is not necesary, right? For some reason, it bothered me a lot to do it.

    Anyway, I would like to ask if it is viable to mention why a volume is being reuploaded in the RSS feed. I know that it happened sometime before, and it was useful to know if the volume is just renamed (like the aforementioned eyeshield volume 2) or if it is a better quality version, because that way I wouldn't have to download every single one to make sure.

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    « Reply #9 on: Apr 23, 08, 07:32:19 am »

    EDIT: File comments are staff only.
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    « Reply #10 on: Apr 24, 08, 09:34:56 am »

    Pina, No it is not strictly nessersary, we don't expect all uploaders to follow anything but the rules laid out on the list of uploading rules.

    However, we do expect anyone who applies for this position to follow these strict guidelines as far as humanely possible(sometimes chapters are not marked anywhere, making it impossible etc).
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    « Reply #11 on: Apr 24, 08, 09:53:02 am »

    I totally missed that part of the post.  Yeah I don't expect any sort of notes.txt from anyone except in very extreme cases.  The only one I remember doing was an explanation the scanslator put in for Narutaru to explain the why the story had random abrupt volume number changes and two different volume numbering schemes.

    997 times out of 1000 just making the folder or page naming clear is plenty.

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    « Reply #12 on: Apr 24, 08, 10:06:57 am »

    I am willing to help
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    « Reply #13 on: Apr 24, 08, 10:54:31 pm »

    I will help. As of 28/4 my limiter will be lifted. Just give me a list and a few days.  Grin
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    « Reply #14 on: Apr 25, 08, 10:32:56 am »

    At the moment I have several applicants but very few who have demonstrated an ability to do what I want done. (thanks drakmarl you'll be added over the weekend)

    Gonnel made an uber pack by eliminating chapter identifiers. - not so good

    sgtwhatsisname made a pack that followed the requirements of the uploading rules but did very little to make the pages recognizeable, (though the necessity of this could be argued).  Not really bad, but not a resounding positive either.

    Kakar had some questions she wanted to ask but won't have time until later

    So here's what I'm going to do.  I am going to find (or create) the most disgustingly horrible pack job I can and upload it. 

    Anyone who wants to get access to the official list and have MT Helper status needs to repack it and upload it as a oneshot.

    Series Name: Repacking Test (username). 

    Name the file according to what it contains as I detailed above and rename the pages according to the standards I've detailed above.  Use any methods necessary including asking for help, however don't upload it unless its right as I do not have time to check everyone's work more than a few times

    I'll need a test file from each applicant.  And you'll get 2 tries each as I don't have time to sift through infinite extra files in addition to normal uploads.
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