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The following are the rules and guidelines to follow when uploading files to this site.

Last Major Revision: 31.03.2011
Last Minor Revision: 05.Aug.2013

These rules are not negotiable, they exist to ensure that when members download a file they don't have to put forth much of an effort to enjoy what they've downloaded.  If you can't or won't follow the rules then please don't waste your or the staffs time by uploading files that don't follow them.

If something says you must do it, and you aren't willing to do it, don't upload.  If you decide to upload anyway and choose not to follow rule we may take your upload (and possibly your download) privileges away.  If something says should, we'd really like you to do it but there may be situations where it's either impossible, infeasible, or impractical.  Generally a rule with a should should be treated as a rule with a must but with exceptions that are detailed in the rule description.

Section 0: The DO NOT UPLOAD List
Below is a list of manga series you should not upload to the site, be sure you read the top first!:

This is a Link! --->Do Not Upload These Series <--- This is a Link!

Section I: Repercussions of Rule Breaches

Upon your first offense you should be warned by a site moderator via private message.  Upon receipt of this message you are expected to have read and understood all the rules after receiving this warning.  If you have any questions, PM them back to the moderator who warned you or to Yukimura.  All breaches of the rules are written into your user account so any mod can see what any other mod has warned you for and shouldn't warn you again for the same breach.

Breach #2 will result in another warning and a short removal of upload privileges.  However, if you violated the same rule twice you may also receive or a short removal of download privileges as well as a long removal upload privileges.   

Breach #3 will result in a permanent removal of upload privileges and a long removal of download privileges. 

Note: First time rule breaches within 48 hours of each other are counted as 1 breach.  Thus, you won't be skipped immediately to a permanent loss of upload privileges for uploading several bad files in one night because you didn't know/understand the rules.

Also no one will be punished for their first breach without being contacted by a site moderator and warned of their infraction.  Exception: Breaking rule #3 will result in an immediate and permanent removal of upload privileges.

Please do not remain a habitual rule breaker.  We really want uploads from everyone, but bad uploads negatively affect everyone who downloads them so we will not tolerate them repeatedly from the same people.

Section I.a - Some Mangatraders Vocabulary.

Some of this vocabulary may be different from other manga scene norms, we try to follow the norms as much as possible but when there are no true standards it becomes difficult, but for the purposes of this site and anything related to it, these definitions should be used.

Archive: A file of type .zip or .rar that contains pages of a manga.  An archive can refer to a file containing a chapter or an entire volume.  Generally it refers to a

File: A computer file, for the purposes of Mangatraders file generally refers to .zip or .rar file that contains manga pages.
File Name: The name of the file you plan to upload as it appears on your computer. Ex.. (the .zip part may not be displayed on your computer but it is there nonetheless).

File Label/Display Name: The name of the file that is generated for you from the data you type in at the upload screen.  This is the name that will be displayed on Mangatraders if an upload is accepted.

Series Name: The text you enter at the upload screen that serves as the basis for the file label.  This is what will allow people to identify your file as belonging to a certain series if they search for that series' name.

In the above picture the Series Name is "Manga Name" and the File Label is "Manga Name v01 c01-10"

Volume: A collection of manga pages, that may or may not contain individual chapters or separations, that has been officially published together in a group.  A manga that is ONLY published in a magazine and never republished in the form of a collection will not have volumes, however this is a rare occurrence.

Oneshot: A single, self contained story that does not have any author intended section breaks like chapters or parts etc.

One volume manga: A collection of manga that is either a complete story split into several chapters but was released at some point as a single volume containing all of those chapters, or a collection of individual stories that have been bound together and released as a single anthology.  It is impossible for a manga to be both a Oneshot AND a One Volume manga by MT's definitions.  If it has any form of formal separations it is not a oneshot.

Repacking: The act of gathering chapter archives of a manga and using them to create a neat volume archive.  For details and questions about repacking see the Repacking Guide Thread.

Section II: The Rules:

When you number your files, they must contain the same number of digits.  The number 100 will sort BEFORE 86, because computers read files from left to right.  Thus, the computer sees it as "1" then "0" then "0", compared to "8" then "6".  The proper way to number these two is 086, 100.  Sometimes scanlators don't do this - PLEASE FIX THEIR MISTAKE.  If your file is numbered incorrectly (which is the #1 problem we see as staff), the archive will have to be repacked.  Similarly, 10 will sort before 9, so it needs to be 09 and 10.

1. Packaging
Files must be grouped into a single .zip or .rar archive.  This archive must not contain any other archives within it.  Multiple chapters uploaded in one file must be in either a separate folder for each chapter or a single folder.  In the case of a single folder pages must be named so they are in numeric order when sorted in alphabetical order, preferably in a manner that indicates which pages belong to which chapter.

2. Passwords
Files must not be password protected. Password protected files should be automatically ignored by the upload system, but still, don't make this mistake.

3. Viruses and Malware
Files must not be infected with or contain viruses, spyware, or any other type of software. Files will be scanned upon upload and infected files will be removed immediately.  Again, we know who uploaded what, if a virus is found in one of your submissions you will be permanently banned from uploading.

4. Acceptable Things to Upload
Uploaded files must be English translated manga (Japanese comic), manhwa (Korean comic), or manhua (Chinese comic).  Artbooks from accomplished mangaka are acceptable, but it is preferred that they be related to a series we already have on the site.
We do not accept:
  • Raws (untranslated files)
  • Translations of acceptable series in languages other than English
  • Comics from any country not listed above
  • Novels, games, *doujinshi, fan-drawn comics, fan-fiction, in any language.

5. Sexual Content/Hentai/Shota/Loli
Files must not be classifiable as hentai, shota, or loli by our standards.  Moderator discretion will be used to determine what is or isn't acceptable based on adult content and our decisions are final.  Some general guidelines:
  • Extreme ecchi situations are allowed but there must be some plot or reasoning for a series beyond just people having sex.
  • Manga in which adults engage in adult activities from time to time are generally acceptable.
  • Manga with adult situations involving children, monsters, animals, non-humanoids (tentacle creatures, for instance), extreme violence, or other questionable practices will be judged on a case by case basis by the staff and may or may not be accepted depending on the circumstances involved.

6. File Contents and Structure
  • Files must contain all the story pages of the volume or chapter they represent. Volumes files should contain any bonus or extra chapters that are available.  Any files found to be missing story pages should be reported and replaced with full version if possible.  Renaming pages or adding/removing/altering the directory structures of files before uploading them is encouraged, especially if it will make it easier to tell what file goes with what chapter and in what order.  Files missing scanslators credits pages or extra non story related pages can be replaced at the request of the scanslator.
  • Operating system specific files like Thumbs.db files from Windows or .DS_STORE files/folders from MacOS should not be included in archives.  Both operating systems create these files by default but hide them in their file system browsers.  To see if they are present in archived files you'll have to open the archives up and look for them after you've prepared them.  For windows you can disable the creation of thumbs.db files by opening up My Computer, going to the Tools Menu and selecting Folder Options, Select the 'View' Tab, and check the box that says 'Do Not Cache Thumbnails'.

7. File Names
File names must contain the full name for the series they contain. Simple, unique abbreviations for a series name (ex. TenTen instead of Tenjou Tenge, Kenichi instead of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) will not be accepted, and should be avoided (even if the scanlator released it as such).  For series with the same name as other series the name of the author should be included in the file name to help identify the specific series.  Please remember, changing a filename before you upload is a simple task, however once it's in our file system it's much more difficult for us to change it.

Files with no series name or using only the initials of the series name in their file name will be rejected.  Examples of BAD file names:
  • vol2.rar

The names of uploaded files must also include a clear indication of whether they contain a volume or a chapter.  Files with names like '' are unacceptablly vague.  Either '' or  '' would be acceptable though for a volume file you should be more specific and also include the chapter numbers included in the volume as well, example: ''.

Other information that should also be included in a file name includes Information on extras or specials contained in a volume '' and information on what scan group(s) releases is in the flie.  This information is optional but helpful to both fellow downloaders and the staff in maintaing the highest quality of content on Manga Traders.

In summary, the format for the minimum acceptable file name would be:
  • For a Volume File:  Full_Series_Title_vXX
        Example: (Remember to add leading zeros!)
  • For a Chapter File: Full_Series_Title_cXX

The format for an ideal file name would be something like:
  • For a Volume File:  Full_Series_Title_vQQ_cXX-YY_[SomeGroup(s)]
        Example: Medaka_Box_v02_c08-16_[imangascans+DBR].zip
  • For a Chapter File: Full_Series_Title_vQQ_cXX_[SomeGroup(s)]
        Example: Vampire_Knight_v02_c09_[VK].zip

8. File Labels
Files must be what they are labeled to be. Some series have alternative names so using a different one then the name on the site as a file name is allowed, but you should ensure the file label you type in matches what is used on the site for other files of the same series. 

Chapters should be numbered from the first chapter of the series, not the first chapter of the particular volume it belongs to. If this informations is not available using a number relative to a particular volume is fine.  If a chapter is brand new and you don't know what volume it belongs to you should use the number one above the most recent volume released.

You should always capitalize series titles as you would a book or movie title unless the series uses unique capitalization as part of its name.  Please refer to what is used on the site and use that when possible.  When uploading a new series please follow standard English capitalization rules, unless the series has its own unique capitalization.  Any questions can about proper capitalization should be asked in the Labeling Issues thread in the Site Support section on the forums.
9. Grouping Into Volumes
Files should be uploaded as volumes whenever possible. If you have 18 chapters in separate archives and they make up 3 official volumes, you must group them the way the volumes did.  Please do not forget about Rule #1.  If a series has no official volumes, chapters should be grouped by tens unless there are not enough to make a full group.  Individual chapters should only be uploaded when they are they are the newest releases of a series and the entire volume or group they belong to has not been fully translated.  Also, do not upload 'guess' or 'estimate' volumes before the official volume has been released and its contents confirmed. Don't try to make assumptions based on previous patterns as your uploads will be rejected.

  • One Volume Manga - One volume manga must be treated like normal multiple volume manga.  If only some of the chapters/stories that comprise them are available they can and should be uploaded individually.  When uploading a single story that is part of a collection of individual stories feel free to give the title of the particular story in the Comments to Staff Series Name in addition to the title of the anthology.  If the entire anthology has been scanslated all of its stories must be uploaded grouped together like a normal volume.
  • When uploading a complete one volume manga (see MT definition above) you must upload using the Oneshot mode.  The Series Name should not have chapter information in this situation but must have the word (Complete) at the end to let moderators know to create a new series page instead of putting the file in oneshots.  (Only manga with internal separations get series pages).

  • Volumes over 100MB -  When a volume will not fit within 100MB you and you need to split it up you must use as few files as possible.
  • When choosing how to split the file you should try to balance first the number of chapters per file, then size of each file.  Ex. If a volume containing 10 chapters would be 120MB in total when compressed together you should upload it as no more than two files.  If all the chapters are about the same size on their own then you should upload two files with 5 chapters each.  If, instead, the first 7 chapters are much smaller (8 MB each) than the final 3 chapters (21MB each) then you should group them as the small 7 in one file (56MB) and the larger 3 in another (63MB) to keep the sizes similar.
  • You should not split a single chapter between two files.
  • If there are no chapter/story breaks in the volume you should just split the pages evenly by size.

10. Replacing Files
Uploading a duplicate of a chapter or volume that is on the site already should only be done to replace a file that is in violation of one of the above rules or if your replacement has significantly better visual/translation quality than what is currently on the site.  If you are uploading a duplicate, whatever the reason, you must explain why you are doing so in the upload comments box!  Uploading a duplicate within half an hour of the activation of the original will not be penalized. 

Please Note: Uploading files already on the site simply because you didn't search first is very irritating and moderators have very little patience for this type of oversight.  We have a search system, please use it.  If that's too much to ask, then please don't upload.

Some Valid Reasons to Replace A Chapter or Volume File:
  • The chapter or volume currently on the site is missing pages or has incorrect pages. (Provide source if possible)
  • The volume on the site is missing whole chapters, or extras that it should contain. (Provide source if possible)
  • The chapter or chapters in a volume on the site is/are of poor translation quality and/or poor image quality.
  • All the chapters that make up an official volume of a particular manga have been scanslated and you've prepared an acceptable packed volume upload.*
  • The volume on the site contains chapters that belong in a previous or subsequent volume.
    • Please Provide a source if you think chapter restructuring is needed.

*Please do NOT upload volumes made from individual chapters unless you are willing to put forth the effort to pack them well.  A well packed volume is one where the pages can be read in the proper order by loading the zip file into any program which displays images ordered folder to folder and page to page in lexicographical order (e.g. cDisplay, ComicViewer).  Keep in mind 1,2,10,11 is NOT in lexicographical order however 01,02,10,11 is). 

For more details see the Repacking Guide or the Repacker Initiation thread.  If you aren't willing to follow the repacking guidelines of Mangatraders it would be appreciated if you would inform the staff of repacking that needs to be done rather than reupload a subpar volume.

Notes & Guidelines:

NOTE: Labeling non-standard files using the upload system
The Upload system is very rigid about how files will be displayed to prevent confusion, however manga titles are not always so rigid and moderators can change a file's display name to be anything. If there are extra chapters/pages in a volume or there are some other special circumstances about the volumes contents that you can't pass on through the normal upload system there are several options to see that this information makes it into a files display name.

  • Your first option is to use the One Shot feature and fill in the exact details of the file in the series name. For Example: To upload MangaX v15 c121-129 + Special you should type 'MangaX v15 c121-129 + Special' as the Series Name and select "Oneshot" as the upload type.  The site will automatically add (Oneshot) to the title but a moderator will remove this since it's clear that the file is not a Oneshot. You should use the One Shot feature in this way to convey abnormal page configurations such as: a volume split into 'parts' instead of chapters, volumes whose chapters have strange naming conventions (like c20a-c20f), volumes containing special bonus material like Omakes or Side Stories,  volumes that simply have no chapter breaks at all, individual one shots that are part of a larger volume or other odd circumstances. You must not use this as a method of avoiding entering chapter information.
  • Your second option is to try to convey the information through the file name. For example Suzuka_v15+Omake[SomeGroup].zip will alert site moderators to the existence of an Omake. A moderator will then add '+ Omake' to the display name before posting the file to the site.  This method assumes the moderator is not rushing and will take the time to look at the file name of your file before activating it.  Usually this is the case but sometimes we get backed up and the less time we have to spend on each file the faster we can activate them to be shared.
  • The third option is to add the details of the special case into the upload comments box.  This method is not as likely to be effective because the upload comments are primarily meant to indicate why a file is being reuploaded.  The comments for new files are not checked as frequently, unless there's something abnormal about a files Label or file name, so it's possible your information will not be included in the display label if you only add it into the comment box.

NOTE: The Comment Box
The upload comments box should used be used only to relay information about an upload to the staff.  The comments will only be visible to site moderators so please do not use the box to advertise a particular manga or say things like "Hey MT Staff What's Up!?".  If there's something you think we should know about a particular upload please let us know via the comments box, for any other issues you must use the forums or a private message.

NOTE: Delay between upload and activation
Depending on the amount of traffic it may take several hours to see your file available for download. On release days for popular manga many people may upload the same file before a moderator can activate the first one uploaded, in this case we will keep the first file uploaded from the highest quality scan group at the staff's discretion.  Uploading a file while a similar file is already in the queue is not a breach of the rules as you have no way of knowing.

*NOTE: Doujinshi clarification
Generally Mangatraders will not host unofficial works commonly referred to as doujinshi.  There are a few exceptions to this rule which constitute acceptable doujinshi:
  • Doujinshi related to a legitimate series which were created by the author of that series.
  • Doujinshi series created by authors that have at least one legitimately published series.

NOTE: Site Staff Have The Final Say
Final caveat: While this site is for you it is not yours, the staff has the final say on what will or will not be hosted.  If you upload a file and it is rejected you may appeal to the staff if you wish, but do not expect anything and do not bring your attitude with you if you choose to ask why your file was deleted.  We do make mistakes from time to time, but if you think we have made one be sure you are right.
Last Update: 31.03.2011

Any questions related to uploading should be directed to either the Site Support Board or PM'd to myself or a member of the Website Staff.
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